The most important, possibly only, Danish territory outside the island of Bornholm, this military base stands on what was previously the Swedish side of the Öresund Bridge. It is a hub of merchant and military traffic, as well as the end stop of the Sveavägen line from Mora.

It is currently under the command of Admiral Olsen, who wishes it would be more of a base of military operations again. A variety of land vehicles, probably left from the last Danish attempt to recover their homelands, is in storage on the base, and the cat-tank has most probably come out of that stockpile.

Design Edit

Because it services both naval and railway traffic, the base is a multi-level structure, retro-fitted from old oil platforms. Elevators facilitate transport of goods between the levels, complemented by ramps and stairs. 


Overview of the base. Trains arrive from the left (decontamination facility is out of the image), and the rightmost structure is the end of the Öresund Bridge itself.

Incoming trains pass over several mid-level drawbridges into a decontamination hall, then over another bridge to the main platform, where a track section loosely resembling a turntable lifts them through the platform's top deck. An extensible runway above the central piazza then allows passengers to disembark and enter the checkpoint building. 

There is yet another separate platform with drawbridges connecting the central platform to the actual Öresund Bridge. While the main platform has Nordic longhouses on its top decks, the bridgehead has its single top deck and the vehicles being stored thereon canopied only by a couple raised wooden platforms (roofs?). 

Both platforms have pier-shaped decks at water level where ships can dock - the only type of ship seen so far being Viking-style longboats complete with dragon accoutrements. 

Between the piers and the top decks, large storage facilities cling to the supporting pillars, and there are open mid-level decks as well. Guardrails and other kinds of protection to keep men and material from dropping off the various decks and gangways seem to enjoy a rather low priority. 

Facilities Edit

The Radio Services Edit

You've reached Øresund base, please state your name and the person you wish to contact.

Radio operator (link to SSSS), Öresundsbro base


The four organizers receiving the expedition's first report at Öresundbro base's radio service

One of the services available at Öresundsbro base, in what seems to be a studwork house standing on the top main platform next to an open-air café or bar, is to be put into contact with others over radio. Much like with phone calls in the days of manual exchanges, one would request to be put into contact with the other person and the operator then sets everything up to the point that they can start talking.

The devices, however, are located in the abovementioned house, in the shape of consoles arranged in rows, quite similar to the single radio console installed in the cat-tank. Users take place in chairs in front of it, listen to the remote party either with headphones or over a speaker, and have a microphone placed in the center of the console's "desk" part to speak into. Various switches filling the rest of the "desktop" and lots of cables towards the top of the console seem to be only for the operator's perusal.

In particular, users do not seem to have to switch between sending and receiving with a PTT and apparently can even interrupt each other, which rules out a VOX. It thus seems that the connections are, for the benefit of untrained users, set up in full duplex mode.


Trond selecting a ship to contact for some blackmailing

When the need to do a bit of blackmail arises, Trond scans the ship schedules posted on one wall (link to SSSS) and commandeers another console next to it - its operator being asleep - to contact the Túnfiskurinn himself. It is unknown whether naval and user-requested communications are considered separate services, and how publicly available either service is.

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