Amager is the name of the island in the South of Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as of two districts of Copenhagen located on it, Amager Øst and Amager Vest. In addition, the island is home to the Southeastern part of the city's central Indre By district and several other communities, most notably the towns of Dragør, Kastrup, and Tårnby.

Pre-Rash History Edit

Port of Copenhagen - sunset

Langebro (front) and Bryggebroen (backgr. left), Amager is off the left

Traffic Edit

The center of Copenhagen (Indre By) was connected to Amager - more precisely, to Christianshavn - by the Langebro, the Knippelsbro, the pedestrian-and-cyclists-only Bryggebro and Indrehavnsbro, and the boats of the Havnebussen service. Additional bridges connecting the two islands were the Sjællandsbron (with a connected, but separate pedestrian-only bridge, and a nearby combined railway and pedestrian bridge) in the South of Copenhagen, and the combination of Amagervejen (E20 motorway) and pedestrian bridges in the extreme South that use the islet of Skrædderholmen as a stepping stone.

(Note that the expedition's map of Copenhagen (link to SSSS) shows the Indrehavnsbro between Nyhavn and Christianshavn, which was under construction since 2011 and opened on 03-Aug-2015, but not the Cirkelbro opposite the Black Diamond, which is another pedestrian-and-cyclists-only bridge that was opened on 22-Aug-2015.)


Copenhagen Metro train at the Ørestad station

The Copenhagen Metro was a rapid transit system with only two lines. Their itinerary was identical on the Sjælland side, but once they reached Christianshavn, they split; M1 served Amager Vest, while M2 continued through Kastrup to the Lufthavnen Station at the international airport, where long-distance trains made a stop as well.

The European Route E20 motorway "entered" Denmark by ferry at Esbjerg, ran along the South of Copenhagen onto Amager and between Kastrup and the airport under the name of Amagervejen, and continued into the Drogden Tunnel and across the Öresund Bridge to Sweden.

Books Edit


The "Black Diamond" was the main building of the Royal Library

Copenhagen was home to the Royal Library, which was distributed over five different sites. Four of those were located on the Sjælland side of central Copenhagen, at most a kilometer from Amagers waterline; only the Faculty Library of Humanities was on Amager itself, within the faculty's complex at Njalsgade 112.

Post-Rash History Edit

The only information available so far concerns Amager Øst, the town of Kastrup, the international airport South of it, and the Drogden Tunnel, which continues the motorway running between the two.

Points of Interest Edit

The Fictional School Edit

The author confirmed that the school building shown in chapter 7 is fictional, as she couldn't find a suitable real place nearby; that is, a low-quality public low building surrounded by multi-story, more solid ones. This environment is expected to support a plot point as the action unfolds.

However, the itinerary marked on the map of Copenhagen (link to SSSS) suggests that the cat-tank stayed at the supply dock, and it seems unlikely that Sigrun and Emil left Amager to reach the school (not the least reason being that the obliterated streets would otherwise have forced them to spend a night out in unsafe terrain), so I'm listing the school on this page.

As said above, the school has been built from low-quality material, and entire sides of its halls have lost walls and windows to make open passageways. While Sigrun and Emil do find books (and DVDs) within, it remains to be seen whether they are useable at all.

The upstairs hall seems to have been a classroom, as it contains desks in a rectangular grid. However, its walls are also literally covered with bookshelves, which led part of the fans to initially take the site for a library instead. We do not yet have any information on the curriculum the school taught, or the age the pupils typically had.

Remains of Bridges Edit

Out of three bridges connecting Indre By and Christianshavn, Lalli reported (link to SSSS) two as impassable, leaving only the Knippelsbro for the expedition to move into "the heart of the city", as Sigrun put it. It turns out (link to SSSS) that the cat-tank quite possibly can cross the "bridge" only in the Northbound direction, or possibly even just this one time.