"Spot 24" was the first location that the expedition investigated to salvage books. About twenty books (of limited value) could be collected before the team got into a fight with monsters and had to retreat.

Location Edit


Since the expedition exploits the easy access to Silent Lands by the Öresund Bridge, the first area they explore are the former residential buildings of Kastrup - already farther from the tunnel than the army ten years earlier ever got. Their first objective, "spot 24", is supposed to be a "community space with a small private library", though this is the result of unfinished research by Torbjörn and thus should be taken with a grain of salt or two. The author confirmed in the comments that the buildings shown have been inspired by actual buildings, but the assembly as a whole is not based on a real location.

The exact location of "spot 24" is unknown, but the buildings shown seem to best match those in a triangle between Amager Hospital and the Amagerbrogade - which would place them in Amager Øst, rather than Kastrup.

Layout Edit


The corpse in the books room

"Spot 24" is upstairs, with multiple levels connected by further stairs as well. It has apparently been made into a makeshift hospital after the outbreak of the Rash. Upon the first scan, there are hospital beds with curtains and IVs grouped into subdivisions created by moving the book closets and other furniture into the center of the first rooms; further beds still with bodies in them in the "death room"; and finally a single body (nicknamed "Doc Doormat" by fandom due to Emil accidentally stepping on him) wearing a hazmat suit with a Red Cross brassard and holding a pistol in a room that has been barricaded from the inside.

While the details shown appear inconclusive, the message that the author most likely intended is that Doc Doormat saw the hospital getting overwhelmed by the Rash and/or the first monsters, locked the entrance door (Mikkel had to open it with a crowbar), possibly killed the remaining patients to keep them from turning into monsters, retreated into his office, and ultimately committed suicide. The fact that he was unable to barricade the vent leading into the room might have played a role in that decision.

Books Found Edit


The first book, falling to pieces in Emils hands


Good books retrieved from "Doc Doormat"'s office at spot 24

The first books we've seen are in very bad condition, beyond the salvaging means available to the team; the pages turn into piles of dust as soon as someone touches them. The storage conditions in the doctor's room seem to have been a lot better, allowing the books found there to be handled normally.

Emil's first glance at a title yielding the topic of "Antigravity Propulsion (link to SSSS)" promised a substantial rate of not-quite-applicable information, and Mikkel later confirmed that at least some of the books are not exactly very valuable items. However, one of them - likely the one(!) that Lalli noticed and brought out - seems to contain detailed records and photos of the patients of Spot 24. Mikkel has reserved that one for his own perusal for now. The fandom expects it to contain important clues about the Rash, though it is unlikely that an outright cure will be discovered right in the first story arc.

Due to the events detailed in the next sections, "spot 24" has been left behind ablaze and swarming with monsters, with only about twenty books having been brought out and loaded into the cat-tank. It is unlikely that the expedition will return there and try to salvage more books.

Monster Infestation Edit

After noticing that there was suspicious nearby activity (in the vent leading into the books room), the team split up to conduct a more thorough scan - which of course turned out not to be as good an idea as it sounded.


Sigrun checking the "death room" for nests

Sigrun opted for the route back out of the building, including the downstairs death room, which turned out to actually be a large hall mostly filled with bodies and contain a bar and other implements suggesting that it is a repurposed nightclub or a similar venue. Bodies that have been put onto mattresses on the floor show that the hospital ran out of important resources, as had to be expected.


At the remote end of the death room, a barricaded door leads into a room where patients turning into trolls had been put, most of them only leaving gurneys with ripped restraints behind. This small room had a - now busted - back door into a staircase(!) that has been turned into a troll nest. At that point, Sigrun decided that "spot 24" was too dangerous for her team, and turned back to fetch and extract them.

Lalli disappeared upstairs on arc 1 page 253 (link to SSSS), and was likely unaware that Sigrun intended the team to reassemble after 15 minutes - not to mention that she meant for him and Emil to stay together.

Emil seems to have stayed more or less at the level that the stair leading down from the books room left the team at, and had two trolls sneak up on him, thus starting the following events.

Battle of Spot 24 Edit


After deciding to return to the meeting point, Emil stopped after hearing noises coming from behind a corner of the corridor. As he got ready to knife down the suspected "puny little bastard", it turned out that a second troll was hanging from the ceiling above him. Emil was able to knock down Tooth Scary and run past Wallhugger, but the latter caught up and pinned him to the floor, in spite of Emils knife being lodged into its neck.


Sigrun appeared, dispatched Wallhugger, and urged Emil to come with her and leave the place at once. Emil paused to deck the corridor behind them with some cleanser weaponry, leading to a large - and loud - explosion that stopped the pursuing Tooth Scary.


While Sigrun and Emil exited through the front door, circumstances that still need to be explained forced Lalli to jump out of a window that is one or two stories above the ground, after everyone else was already outside.

The team rushed to the cat-tank and left spot 24 behind, screeches of trolls emanating from the burning building, and retreated to a safe spot, the Kastrup Fortet. It is unknown how much has been left of spot 24, or the books within.