Björköfjärden, Skutskär, and Luleå are the three Swedish settlements on the coast of the Baltic Sea which, according to the World Map, have shipping traffic. While Luleå is home to the ironworks and most probably sees a lot of goods shipped, Björköfjärden - as shown when the Finnish protagonists debarked the Timbercruiser to take the train to Mora - seems to be a passengers-only transfer site.

Geography Edit

The term "Björköfjärden" actually refers to a lake, the settlement sitting on a cape on the West shore of that lake, at the southern edge of pre-Rash Lerviken. It is surprising that the Timbercruiser - shown approaching the Björköfjärden terminus itself, rather than sending out the Paddlewheeler - would be able to enter the lake through its narrow effluent.

Travel Edit


Björköfjärden possesses a ship terminus with landing bridges matching ships the size of the Timbercruiser and a single-track railway station for the trains from and to Mora. Between these two is a perron, effectively blocking exchange of heavy goods between ships and railway, though there are storage halls on the seaward side of this obstacle.

Defenses Edit


The electric fence and the area kept free of vegetation on both sides of the railway track run along the entire landbound side of Björköfjärden as well. In addition, an earthen rampart with several lookout huts and a gate for the tracks has been erected to secure this part of the perimeter. The waterfront, surprisingly, does not seem to have any specific fortifications.

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