When the apocalypse struck, the Danes lost control of all parts of their country except for the island of Bornholm. They are, as the Icelanders put it, "obsessed and fixated" with attempts at regaining their turf, but couldn't achieve more than setting up a military base at the Swedish end of the Öresund Bridge yet.

Geography Edit

Bornholm is an island in the Baltic Proper, close to the East end of the Kattegat. The Danes' attempts to reach out to their former homeland have resulted in an outbreak of the Illness on the island. It is thus possible that part of the settlements and the infrastructure that existed on the island pre-Rash have been destroyed; we do not have information beyond a list of the largest still existing settlements on the island.

For further information, see the page on Denmark.

Defenses Edit

From the available views of Bornholm, we can conclude that there is a (palisade?) wall running along the entire length of the island's coast, with watch towers put above it in rather short distances from each other. Further defenses - in particular, inner walls protecting the actual settlements or subdividing the islands into individually defensible sectors - have yet to be seen.

Trivia Edit

  • Mikkel has a farm on Bornholm, where he passes the time while waiting for new employments elsewhere.
  • Reynir intended to get off the Túnfiskurinn on Bornholm, but instead wound up in Kastrup, thus being forced to join the expedition team.
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