The established professions of the known world are commonly divided into three groups, peasants, academics and military. Despite this, it is quite common for a single person not only to be qualified for, but actually work in several professions simultaneously, including cross-group combinations.

Peasants Edit

This group makes up for 64% of the populace of Iceland, and 47% of the rest of the world. We do not yet know much about the duties of peasants, or whether there are specialized professions within this group. Given the scarcity of cleansed lands and that they tend to be closer to the Silent World than the actual settlements, they may need to possess agricultural and combat abilities that exceed what we might expect from their title.

Academics Edit

The group of academics includes the skalds and scholars, and together with the peasants, they form the civilian part of the societies.

It is highly likely that there are more well-known professions in this group, but we don't know whether, e.g., Tuuri's primary designation of "mechanic" belongs here.

Military Edit

Known professions within the group of the military include the hunters, cleansers, scouts, mages, and Grade A cats. There likely are more specializations with a smaller number of people holding that profession, e.g., the armed crews of the Sveavägen railway line and at its Mora terminal.

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