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Unlike magic, which seems to be a field (re?)discovered by the post-Rash humans almost from scratch, most of the technology they use is based on preserved knowledge, and often retrofitted items. One area where obviously some major progress has been made are batteries, matching the switch of the primary energy used from crude-oil-based to electricity obtained from geothermal and hydroelectric sources. Batteries have thus become suitable to powering various vehicles, including some that keep going for days (almost-)nonstop between reloads.

Part of the fandom does, however, hold the opinion that later comic pages contradict this:

This part seems to be partially retconned in chapter II: ships were shown to be powered by conventional steam/diesel engines.


In the beginning of the comic, vehicles like the Paddlewheeler and the Dalahästen were shown with at least the electric contacts for recharging, if not outright parts of the engines, protruding from the hull. By now (beginning of adventure 2, up to and including Lallis flashback to the decon ships in Y79(link to SSSS)), motorized ships have ceased to sport such dead giveaways. In particular, neither the Y79 nor the Y91 decon ship(s), nor the Finnish timber ship taking the team to Saimaa, nor the Krabben line ship's convoying vessels show any outward sign of their means of propulsion, only the Krabben ship itself has a single chimney - which emits white smoke, so certainly not a diesel or heavy crude engine.

Where the Icelanders and Norwegians are a bit picky about the technology of old that they use, wary of its strong role in the pre-Rash world and its possible role in bringing the apocalypse about, the Swedes and Danes are more enthusiastic about preservation of technology, and the Finns are somewhat lagging behind - probably not by choice, though.

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