Since the readers of SSSS can communicate with each other - both in the pages' comment sections and the fan forum - characters and important objects that do not (yet?) get called by a name in the comic itself tend to have a nickname assigned to them. In some cases, these names stick even if a later comic page provides an official one.

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Accounting Lady
The unnamed female representative of the Nordic Council that the Quartet visited in Reykjavík.
Admiral Shouty
Fandom nickname of Admiral Olsen, thanks to his habit of speaking with a very loud voice.
Alarm Kitty
Alternative name for Derpkitty, named for it fluffing up and hissing when Leaftroll appears.

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The wheelbarrow that the group of Sigrun, Mikkel, and Reynir take along as they leave the dysfunctional Cat-tank behind; nicknamed after Mikkel calling it a "wheelbarry" on arc 1 page 827 (link to SSSS).
(also Bookwyrm) Alternative name for Clusterface Skullduggery, who was prompted to flee by receiving a mouthful of books from Mikkel.
Reynir's braided (likely mid-aged) sister. The Cast Family Trees (link to SSSS) later stated her name as Guðrún (Árnadóttir).
Nickname given by fans (and occasionally the author herself) to Reynir Árnason before he was introduced in the comic. After him being introduced properly, some fans started to reuse "Braidy" as the braid's name.
Bugs Buntroll
Alternative name for Leaftroll, named for it tunneling beneath the surface.

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Candle Soup / Candle Sludge
A humorous term for pretty much all dishes Mikkel prepares, suggesting that he stretches the insufficient supplies with the (tallow?) candles Öresundsbro base personnel delivered to them instead.
Nickname of Sigrun Eide, who was seen on previews before being introduced (and named) in the comic proper.
Cat-Tank, The
The expedition's vehicle. It has not yet received an official name, so it has an eponymic page in this wiki.
A patient in the makeshift hospital of "Spot 24" who started to change into a troll, was restrained on a gurney and moved to the "special room", and apparently was the only one unable to break free of his restraints and join the forming troll nest.
Ceiling Pug / Ceiling Shark
Alternative names for Tooth Scary.
The second tier of Lalli's dreamland, where he got to meet Handy Moose and Braidy (and tried to contact Onni). It is believed that all mages can communicate by convening in this place.
Clusterface Skullduggery
(often shortened to "Skullduggerer" or similar) The grossling surprising Sigrun, Lalli, and Mikkel during their visit to OUH, on arc 1 page 605 (link to SSSS), whose torso is more or less covered in skulls.
After the procedure of handing (virtual) cookies to people who make their first appearance in the comic's comments section was firmly established, using a cookie for a reward made an appearance within the comic (arc 1 page 228 (link to SSSS)) as well. It is unclear whether that's actually a reference to the former, or merely coincidence.
For the main page on this topic, see Cthulhund.
The beast dog appearing in chapter 7. This particular name has been inspired by the "tentacles" protruding from its nose and eyes.


Derp Kitty
The nickname for the brown and white cat shown in several drawings of the entire crew before actually joining them (and getting christened "Kitty") at a later time. Often depicted sticking out its tongue, prompting the nickname.
Dire Haggis
Alternative name for Tooth Scary.
Doc Doormat
The dead guy, wearing a hazmat suit and a Red Cross brassard, that Emil accidentally steps on on arc 1 page 246 (link to SSSS).
A cat shape that can be seen in the falling dust and debris from the book that self-destroyed in Emil's hands-on on arc 1 page 239 (link to SSSS).


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Face Crab, Facehugger
Alternative names for Leaftroll.
Fat Wound Guy
The unnamed member of the Dalahästen crew who made a remark about said wound (link to SSSS) he got in the fight against the giant.
The sjødraug that blocked the cat-tank's passage on arc 1 page 486 (link to SSSS) and subsequently fought with Sigrun. The name temporarily transferred to the ghost "murdertouching" it, but that murderghost soon was renamed Sleipnope instead.
(also Floor Troll) The Troll that managed to enter the cat-tank on arc 1 page 653 (link to SSSS) by breaking through the floorboards, named for the long, pointed, segmented tail it seems to hold poised for stinging (rather than whipping) in several panels.

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Handy Moose
A monster sporting a lot of moose skulls and black human arms that Lalli met (and fought) in the mage-verse (link to SSSS).
Reynir's bulky (likely eldest) brother. The Cast Family Trees (link to SSSS) later stated his name as Ólafur (Árnason).
The troll that appears in Lalli's vision on arc 1 page 158 (link to SSSS).


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Jelly Long Legs
The "model" of troll introduced on arc 1 page 484 (link to SSSS).
(jaw-droppin') Juicy Lucy
An earlier name of Tooth Scary, from when only the blood, teeth, and partial jaw it dropped on Emil had been seen yet.

K Edit

Alternative name for Leaftroll.
(Also said to have a power of "9000 Kitty-Watts"); Lalli's defense reaction after being engulfed by Handy Moose.
The unfortunate docker who got hit on the head on arc 1 page 187 (link to SSSS) by the Cat-Tank mirror thrown by Emil.

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The (particularly flat) troll awakening (link to SSSS) shortly before the end of chapter 8.

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Alternative name for Tooth Scary.
Meat Pod Central
The large ferroconcrete building (supposedly located in Indre By, but not yet correlated with a real-world one) that Lalli guides the cat-tank trough late in chapter eight. It contains a mostly-dead nest that Lalli checked out using his Luonto, but the passing vehicle awakens Leaftroll nonetheless.
Nickname of Tuuri Hotakainen, who was seen on previews before being introduced (and named) in the comic proper.
Nickname of Mikkel Madsen, who was seen on previews before being introduced (and named) in the comic proper.
(Variations exist, e.g., "Minna's Minions") The most-often-used term for the devoted fans of Minna Sundberg's webcomics.
Miss Hearty Undead
A name given to one of the heads forming part of the Giant that attacked the Dalahästen, specifically the one  that reached out for Emil, pleading for help. Named for the heart-shaped earring(s?) her deformed head is still wearing (link to SSSS); note the matching  bracelet on arc 1 page 169 (link to SSSS), too.
Alternative name for Tooth Scary.
Most best

Sigrun being the most best.

Most Best
Used humorously within the fandom as a general compliment after Sigrun used it for herself while describing how she was chosen to go on the mission.
(flaming) Murder Lollipops
Alternative name for the Jelly Long Legs, introduced after Emil set their legs on fire with his flamethrower.
The (apparently much more aggressive) ghosts the team roused at Kastellet.

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Nanny McPhee
The so far unnamed nanny (link to SSSS) of the Västerström family.
Nordic Council Lady
The unnamed female representative of the Nordic Council that the Quartet visited in Reykjavík.


Odin's Ballsack
A commenter's interjection upon seeing Jelly Long Legs, promptly turned into an alternative name for it due to it also being a suggestive description of its shape.
Ol' (Danish) Dangly-Eye
The troll seen in passing on arc 1 page 232 (link to SSSS).

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Paddlewheeler, The
The ship entering the Keuruu-Pori Waterway (link to SSSS) while its mothership, the Timbercruiser, loads timber at Pori. It never received an official name, so it has an eponymic page in this wiki.
Reynir's non-braided (likely eldest) sister. The Cast Family Trees (link to SSSS) later stated her name as Hildur (Árnadóttir).
Reynir's mohawk-wearing (likely mid-aged) brother. The Cast Family Trees (link to SSSS) later stated his name as Bjarni (Árnason).
Alternate name for Derpkitty, a combination of "purr" and "burrito", arising from Reynir's tendency to wrap the kitten up in a small blanket.

Q Edit

Quartet, The
The four organizers of the expedition: Trond, Taru, Siv and Torbjörn. Often expanded with a context-fitting description, as in "the Penny-Pinching Quartet" or "the Quartet of Paper Pushers".

R Edit

Radio Geezer
The Öresundsbro base's radio operator who establishes contact between Tuuri and the Quartet on arc 1 page 279 (link to SSSS).
Alternative name for Cthulhund.
Ratmobile, The
The vehicle Tuuri mistook for the expedition's on the Öresundsbro base on arc 1 page 185 (link to SSSS) (which promptly expired on the next page).
The grossling the team awakened on arc 1 page 489 (link to SSSS), named for its shape being that of a bunch of huge tree roots. Later revealed to be a sjødraug and re-nicknamed "Floffy".

S Edit

Shusher Cat
One of the cats on the Dalahästen - the name was actually suggested by Minna herself.
Introduced as a profession in the comic itself, with tasks akin to an archivist or historian, the fandom is now using the term as a synonym for those ("can the skalds tell me on which page ..."). In particular, the fan forum has a special rank of "Skald" for users who can rearrange posts, threads, and boards, but lack the powers of the standard "Admin" and "Moderator" ranks to affect users.
The dog with a bare skull appearing in Reynirs haven in chapter 7, believed to be the soul/spirit of Cthulhund.
The murderghost that absorbed first Floffy, then a beastified horse, and thus obtained the appearance of an eight-legged horse, reminding readers of Sleipnir of Nordic myth.
The unnamed member of the Dalahästen crew who used a submachine gun (link to SSSS) in the fight against the giant.
Snake Car
The partially disintegrated articulated truck bridging (link to SSSS) the collapsed part of Knippelsbro. It actually was Lalli calling it that, not the fandom.
Nickname of Lalli Hotakainen, who was seen on previews before being introduced (and named) in the comic proper.
Fandom name for the (yet unnamed in canon) nanny (link to SSSS) in Emil's recurring dream of his youth home. While Emil converses in a quite lucent way with Lalli in his dreams, he apparently cannot help falling back into his bratty childhood behavior when talking to her.
Reynir's mohawk-wearing (likely mid-aged) brother. Named after his resemblance to the Avatar:The Last Airbender character of the same name. The Cast Family Trees (link to SSSS) later stated his name as Bjarni (Árnason).
Alternative name for Cthulhund.
The giant that attacked the Dalahästen - or, more precisely, the appendage it managed to insert into the train. See the Dalahästen Giant page.
The much smaller trolls accompanying Werehouse, named for their physical appearance. Unlike Werehouse, they had to avoid the sunlight and stay in the shadows, yet they were noticeably faster pursuing Emil and Lalli.
Squirrel Cookies
A virtual gift, mainly given to newcomers in the comment sections and on the forum. They are a reference to the cookies triggering Lalli's epiphany (link to SSSS), and usually squirrel shaped when depicted. Otherwise, the details remain unclear.
The six-pointed star symbol used throughout the comic, similar to a selburose

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Timbercruiser, The
A huge ship transporting Finnish timber and passengers between Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and possibly Iceland. It never received an official name, so it has an eponymic page in this wiki.
Tooth Scary
The tooth-laden troll (or possible giant) that requests Emil's attention in a rather unusual way on arc 1 page 259 (link to SSSS) - and prompted a new comments-per-day record quite easily. Note that it also has a record level of other fandom names, many of them also starting with "tooth...", like "Toothipede".
For the design, the author was reported to have used reference photos of deformed teeth and jaws - and, for the skin folds, of bulldog puppies.
The chainsaws mounted on the Dalahästen, occasionally referring to the entire train.


Unflappable Train Guy
An earlier name for SMG Guy. Surprisingly, he did not earn that name for his behaviour in the fight against the giant - he resorted to his knife and received a compound fracture of that arm for a reward (link to SSSS) silently, after all - but for remaining unfazed in spite of the strange behaviour of Tuuri and Lalli before departure from Mora (pages 147-149).

V Edit

An intentional (see "Vóvoff") play on the onomatopoeia for the barks of Reynirs Fylgja.
The Icelandic Sheepdog in Reynirs haven (actually his Fylgja), mistaking the (Icelandic) onomatopoeia of its bark on arc 1 page 322 (link to SSSS) for its name. It actually is Reynirs Fylgja.

W Edit

The troll visible around the corner after Emil's run-in with Tooth Scary. Thanks to its reptiloid body and six legs, various compound descriptive names - referring to lizards, velociraptors, spiders, ants, scorpions etc. etc. - have been proposed as well.
The huge troll (or is it a giant?) who was ambushing in downtown Vejle until it erupted (link to SSSS) to hunt Emil and Lalli, together with numerous smaller trolls ("Squiddies"). It had partially fused with the building it resided in and "wore" a wall to protect itself from the sunlight. Lalli killed it - disabling himself in the process - when they got cornered at Vejle's harbor. In spite of its humorous nickname, its home seemed to rather be a residential building.
Word of God
Statements of Minna Sundberg about storyverse facts made outside the comic itself. Originally introduced on TV Tropes, now widely used in many fandoms.

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Lallis luonto (which has the form of a lynx) - based on Minnas identical typo in the author's comment on arc 1 page 397 (link to SSSS).

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Alternative name for Leaftroll, a reference to the Zerg alien species from StarCraft. The Zerg Drones share similarities with Leaftroll.

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