Beasts, Trolls, and Giants[1] are the primary land-dwelling dangers of The Silent World. Through an unknown process, they emerged in the aftermath of the Rash Illness.

Characteristics Edit

Giants are the biggest and most rare and fearsome of the land creatures, and humans meeting one will know what they're dealing with even though there is no definitive dividing line between them and their smaller relatives.

Giants can be the result either of a troll that has grown out of that class on its own, or of several creatures - beasts as well as trolls - fusing into a single one. When a giant is broken into parts, the ones that used to be humans may regain a certain amount of awareness and speech, and may even turn to nearby humans to ask for help.

Otherwise, giants take a violent, downright berserker-like stance towards humans. The one attacking the Dalahästen did not seem to have much trouble overcoming resistance by four crewmembers with firearms.

How sensitive giants are to coldness, light, or fire is not yet known, but as they are a mix-up of beasts and trolls, they may be assumed to rank between these two.

Known Occurences Edit

  • A giant attacked and breached the Dalahästen as the protagonists used it to travel to the Öresundsbro base. Lalli warned the train crew about the danger, and a tunnel swept most of it off the hull, incapacitating the limb it had inserted into the passenger compartment.

References Edit

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