One of the professions listed for Mikkel is "healer". Given that he is a Dane and sceptic at least of Reynirs sighting of ghosts, we can assume that at least in his case, the term does not refer to the shamanic or otherwise spiritual variations that have been in use pre-Rash.

He has a discussion with Sigrun about - and accepts as his duty to perform - amputations "as needed", and shortly thereafter treats her wounded arm with painkillers, some wound-cleaning gauze and liquid, and stitches, finally mentioning that it should be ensured that "the wounds stay dry and clean from now on". In other words, the basic principles of his craft seem to largely match those of pre-Rash academic medicine, if hampered by unavailable resources.

Similar Post-Rash Professions Edit

From Sigruns questioning Mikkel (link to SSSS), we know that "scientist", "doctor", "veterinarian" and "medic" are all known terms for professions in the post-Rash society - and that he rejects the use of all but the last and "healer" for himself. It seems likely that, like in pre-Rash times, the former three require formal training and examination, and are thus unlikely to be combined with simultaneous other professions.

Known Healers Edit

  • Mikkel Madsen (actually holding multiple professions, and possibly switching between them almost as often as he's forced to find himself a new position)