According to Lallis reports, Knippelsbro is the only one of the three bridges connecting the Copenhagen districts of Christianshavn and Indre By that is still passable - which is not to say that passing over it with the cat-tank is recommended, or even possible in the Southward direction.

Pre-Rash History Edit

Knippelsbro - C. F. Tietgens Hus

Northbound view along the Knippelsbro

Year 0 Knippelsbro is an iron bascule bridge erected in 1937, as the fifth bridge in that place since 1618. The first bridges went by the name of Store Amager Bro, Langebro (the name of the Westward neighbor bridge today!), and Christianshavns Bro, then changed colloquially to Knippensbro and then Knippelsbro in reference to its caretaker and toll collector from 1641 on, Hans Knip.

Since the Havne Canal, a.k.a. Trangraven, is actually the accessway to the inner parts of the Copenhagen harbor with a typical depth of seven meters, the bridges crossing it tend to be basculing ones. In order to avoid impeding car traffic over the bridges, they would stay closed on weekdays during the morning and evening rush-hours, but otherwise, skippers could request them being opened on relatively short notice, and free of additional charge, unlike back during the times of Hans Knip.

Knippelsbro connects the Eastmost corner of Slotsholmen, extending the Børsgade, to Christianhavns main boulevard, the Torvegade. A total of eight bridges connect Slotsholmen to the rest of Indre By, while the much larger Christianshavn, originally being a fortification of the inner city, possesses only about half as many connections to the rest of Amager.

Post-Rash History Edit

While Lalli reported the Langebro and the post-2014 bridge at the Northeastern end of Christianshavn as being unusable, he insisted that the Cat-Tank would be able to cross Knippelsbro in Northward direction by passing over the "snake car" - a two-trailer road train whose trailers form a V shape between the two basculing parts of the bridge, which have withered away to the point of a ~10m gap in the bridge deck. Tuuri did in fact manage to take the Cat-Tank across without causing further damage to the structure. However, since the South half of the snake car is steeper, it seems unlikely that they will be able to return the same way.