The primary funder of the expedition. The vote passed by a very narrow margin.

Before the RashEdit

Originally established to foster cooperation between the Nordic Countries, this organization included delegates from Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Denmark, as well as smaller territories such as the Faroe Islands. Despite having no formal political power, the Council did bring about laws regarding free movement between member nations and labor regulations. 

It was headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, along with chapters in each of the member nations.

After the RashEdit

The Nordic Council moves its base of operations to Reykjavík, Iceland  (due either to the loss of Copenhagen or to the emergence of Iceland as new great power--there being no longer any world powers, per se) and appears to gain significant political power. 

A logo very similar to the Nordic Council's, but with a sixth, nondescript, diamond, is seen on the Crew's vehicle. The six-pointed-star shape appears in other places as well, from small pins on their jackets to the comic's web site's adornments.

The exact political power of the Council is unknown, though it's presumed to have taken over as a de facto government, seeing how the formal governments of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland were lost following the Rash.