Pori is a settlement on the southwestern coast of Finland, with a population apparently below 600.

Geography Edit

Pori is located at the estuary of the Kokemä(enjo)ki, a river which leads to the danger zones of Nokia and Tampere and, continuing through a lake system, to the military settlement of Keuruu - which is said to have no other connection to the outside world but this waterway.

Interestingly, while Taru claims that Finns and Swedes "burnt it all down a couple of decades ago" to make the area "safe enough for some light forestry", there are still ruins of the pre-Rash Pori to be seen, counter to the standard modus operandi of the cleansers requiring structures to be demolished with explosives.

Size, exact placement, etc. of the post-Rash Pori remain unknown for now.

Travel Edit

The timber produced around Pori gets loaded into the Timbercruiser with the help of offshore loading facilities. At least at the times when the cruiser is anchored there, the river sees heavy traffic from the barges transporting the timber to these facilities. Passenger traffic is more likely to continue on to Keuruu and return from there, and it is the cruiser's yawl, the Paddlewheeler, that travels along the waterway.

In chapter one, the Timbercruiser leaves Pori and apparently first goes to Björköfjärden, which is a passenger-only terminal in Sweden. The timber is headed to Denmark to be "cleaned" and then sold to Iceland. Passenger traffic follows regular timetables posted in Björköfjärden, rather than it being an exception (and the passenger-only stops between Pori and Denmark getting skipped).

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