Known as "The Capital of the Known World" in year 90, Reykjavík is (and was) the capital of Iceland. Despite their high population (nearly 42,000), they have an immunity rate of only 11%.


The Nordic Council is headquartered here, and seems to be in more or less direct control of activities in the other four nations of the Known World, as it is them who have to give the nod to the expedition; however, it is possible that it is their financial contribution granting them that power. 

Another institution with international influence located in Reykjavík is the Academy of Seiður, where not only the Icelandic, but also the Norwegian mages receive their education. It is not yet known whether Denmark and Sweden, which have no mages of their own, employ their talents in any way; if so, it would be likely that those would come out of the Icelandic training facility as well. 


Reykjavík is believed to be the first settlement on Iceland, founded and named (as "Reykjarvík", though) in 874 by Ingólfr Arnarson and his wife Hallveig, the first permanent Nordic settlers. Nominal independence (from the Crown of Denmark) was achieved gradually, without military conflict, over the time between years 1845 and 1918.

Iceland was the first to close its borders at the outbreak of the Rash Illness. During the prologue, we are shown that the Coast Guard has orders to destroy any foreign vessels, even if they appear to be friendly. According to Word of God, in the year 90, the Coast Guard has changed into an organization of sea beast hunters, assisted by hunters posted on the actual coast.

Trivia Edit

  • When Reynir makes his "escape" from his parents' home to the wide world, he takes the weekly stage coach to Reykjavík. However, instead of doing any sightseeing in the capital, he instantly continues to the harbor for the next leg of his voyage.
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