Confused? Never edited a Wiki before? It's not that hard! This guide is here to outline some of the basics and to set up some unified standards. You can always look at other pages in the same category to get a sense of how yours should look.

What does and doesn't belongEdit

Remember that we don't want to re-write the comic word-for-word. This wiki is a place to organize and outline the information that we know so far, but it shouldn't be a replacement for reading the comic itself.

We also want to stick to facts that we know, either through the comic itself or through external sources. Any speculative work of fiction will have a lot of fan theories, but until something has been proven either on a comic page or by the author herself (in a blog post, comment, etc), we don't want to claim that it's true. 

Writing articles Edit

The do's and dont's on how to handle proper names in the Nordic languages (and transliterations thereof into the standard Latin/ASCII alphabet) are still in flux; see this section.

Characters Edit

Characters that need their own page are only the ones that make frequent appearances. So far this has included everyone who appears on the "Characters" (link to SSSS) page of the comic. Secondary characters have their own page.

The character pages should start with a short introduction,that includes their year and place of birth, profession and a short description of their role in the story.  appearance (which must be written in an objective way. "Blue eyes" is fine, "splendid blue eyes" not), personality (possibly with examples of instances where a character has exhibited a certain trait), history (divided in past, and present, where present follows the expedition from year 90 onwards), special abilities or skills, and trivia (if any).

Locations Edit

To write articles of locations (cities, countries, etc), refer to the data on Minna's maps (a list with links is available here). Once an article on a place has been written, it's expected that all relevant data be in it, and not only it's name. You can also bring in information from outside sources (e.g. Wikipedia) on what the place was like before the events of the comic. 

Professions, creatures or other category pages Edit

They must include a description of the profession/creature/other, and a list of known characters that apply.

Making linksEdit

A good Wiki relies on there being connections between articles - so it's important to establish links to other pages on the site.While it's not necessary to make a link every time a term is mentioned, linking it once per article should be enough. A long article may need two or more links, but without exaggerating. 

You can make any word or phrase into a link by selecting it and clicking the button that looks like a chain (next to Bold and Italics). The Wiki software will search all available pages and if there is a match, a link will be made automatically. To link to a specific section of a page, use a pound ( # ) sign. For instance, if you wanted to mention Tuuri's personality on another page, you can type this into the link address:  

Tuuri Hotakainen#Personality

To link to an external site, simply type (don't forget to include "http://") or copy and paste the URL into the prompt box.

In addition to internal and external links, there are Interwiki links (provided by Wikia) and links to Minnas own sites (using the ComicPage (link to SSSS) (an actual page of the comic), ComicLink (link to SSSS) (other pages on the SSSS site), and ARTDLink (link to aRTD) templates). Please use them as appropriate - it's about more than just making the links look different.

Adding photosEdit

Pictures make things a lot more interesting! Minna has kindly allowed us to use images from the comic on this Wiki. If you wish to use other images, try to use Creative Commons-licensed ones so we don't get in trouble.When using images, remember to specify that it's copyrighted, but the author has given permission.

When adding photos to an article, try to select ones that are representative of what the article is about, and don't have a lot of background detail that might get in the way. Edit your photos, cropping them to represent only what's fundamental. If there's a speech bubble in a picture and you cannot crop it, cover the text in it.

Don't modify, in any way, images except for cropping and other fundamental needs. No shading, painting, using or a photo editor so that the image is in any way different from the original.

No fan art. Images must be always taken off of official art, be it in the comic or other paintings.

Please also see the specific suggestions for uploading flag icons to this wiki.

Wiki EtiquetteEdit

This is a collaborative endeavour, and it's important to be courteous to your fellow editors! If you make an edit to a page, it's good practice to add a quick summary of the changes you made, like "added links" or "fixed typo" or "added Trivia section".  This will help to keep track of what work has been done so far. 

References Edit

  • The original set of rules was published as a blog post, rather than an article.