Sweden (Sverige) appears to lead the Known World in cleansing and reclaiming previously infected lands. Unlike other countries, occupants of Sweden do not consider themselves blessed by the gods and maintain that their success is the result of their own hard work. 

Geography Edit

Sweden is one of the three Nordic countries whose population has been reduced to settlements that cover only a small part of its former, overwhelmingly continental territory.


Economy Edit

Sweden is best known for its cleansers, who have lent a hand to other nations in this task at least once, around Pori. Mora labels itself "the capital of Scandinavia", but little is known about its trade and economy.


After Iceland, Sweden has the highest number of post-Rash inhabitants, with 20,900 - but it also had almost 10 million pre-Rash, about twice as many as the other nations. With 16,550 inhabitants, its capital, Mora, houses an atypical high percentage of the nation's populace. Älvdalen (900), Östersund (750), and Luleå (350) are the next largest settlements.

No information on immunity and split between professions is available beyond the general "outside Iceland" information (48% immune, etc.).

There are rumors that all Swedes are tall, very pretty, and have only four toes on each foot.

Known Swedes Edit

Culture Edit

Along with the Danes, the Swedes prefer to believe more in the capabilities of man than in the Gods. They are, however, more successful in their endeavors, constantly adding to their nation's cleansed lands and furthering technology.


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