The silent world is the name for all the areas outside the safe or cleansed places where the surviving Nordic people live. It is completely infested with all kinds of beasts, trolls and giants, but its name is derived from the lack of human communication to and from it. It is unknown if there still exist human settlements in the silent world which might be just unable to establish contact.

The parts of the silent world near settlements may be selected for cleansing, and ultimately converted into safe areas. Swedes and especially Danes still dream of recuperating the entirety of their pre-Rash countries, but the main cast's expedition (currently starting exploration of the Copenhagen area) is the first human activity in those areas since "the great defeat of Kastrup" about ten years ago. The parts of the silent world that used to be other nations than the Nordic ones are of no concern to the survivors.

The Known World
Countries: Denmark (capital: Rønne) - Finland (Saimaa) - Iceland (Reykjavík) - Norway (Aurland) - Sweden (Mora)
(See the countries' individual pages for a more extensive list of their settlements.)
Other: Öresund Bridge - Shetland and various other small islands

The Silent World
Actual locations: Seas and Ocean - Baltic Sea
Transport therein: Dalahästen - The Cat-tank - The Paddlewheeler - The Timbercruiser