The Timbercruiser, actual name unknown, is a modified cruise ship transporting timber and passengers between Finland, Sweden, and Denmark on the Baltic Sea, and possibly beyond (the timber is said to be "cleaned" in Denmark and then sold to Iceland). Since it is way too large to enter rivers and the like, passengers from and to off-coast locations like Keuruu are transported by its yawl, the Paddlewheeler.

History Edit

The Timbercruiser still bears the insignia of the pre-Rash Viking Line, was retrofitted post-Rash by Norwegian shipwrights, and is operated by the Swedes. This is one of the few cases of the author taking artistic license with pre-Rash facts: As of 2014, Viking Line does not own ships that big.

(In particular, if the Paddlewheeler is indeed the retrofitted Pw/s Elias Lönnrot with a length of 31 meters, arc 1 page 92 (link to SSSS) would put the Timbercruiser at 350+ meters; the longest ship currently operated by Viking Line is the MS Viking Grace, with a length of 218 meters.)

Apart from adding a dragon figurehead, the shipwrights added various openings to the ship's hull so that timber handling cranes can load the trunks directly into the pre-existing decks; it seems that no floors have been removed, arguably so as not to weaken the ship's statics. Another opening has a flip-down hatch with hoists, used to haul (and house) the Paddlewheeler.

The timber openings seem not to be closed while the cruiser is en route. From a real world physics perspective, this suggests that the ship would be rather unsafe to operate on the Baltic Sea, much less further out to Iceland.

Technology and Crew Edit

No parts of the cruiser except outside views and the Paddlewheeler compartment have been shown in the comic. We know that the ship is propelled by battery-powered electric motors and propellers, and that the returning Paddlewheeler is lowered down onto a platform and its hull inspected for stowaway nasties by a sizeable detachment of humans (partly in hazmat suits) and cats.