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Tuuri Kaino-Vieno Hotakainen (born in Saimaa, Finland, year 69) is a Finnish mechanic and one of the main characters of Stand Still, Stay Silent.


Tuuri is short (she is the shortest member of the crew) and chubby. She has short ash blonde hair with pale blue eyes. Word of God states that she cut off her ponytail for the expedition. 

Tuuri wears the standard expedition uniform, with the addition of a breathing mask that she wears in situations where she needs to protect against infection. The expedition has at least two different such masks available, both covering only the lower half of the face (unlike the masks aboard the Dalahästen, which had a faceplate covering the eyes as well). 


Tuuri is a cheerful and adventurous young woman. She is very excited about exploring the Silent World, accepting Taru Hollola's job offer enthusiastically and spending much of her travelling time staring out of the window in hopes of seeing a troll. She does not appear to be scared by monsters, dismissing her cousin's worries about cities and being excited to see a dead troll. It's possible that her desire to explore the world is to some degree influenced by the fact that she spent 11 years inside the Keuruu walls (mainly due to her not being immune).

She is shown to be very patient with other people, functioning as Lalli's keeper and being tolerant of Emil's excessive boasting.

Tuuri is apparently very sensitive about her weight, telling three young children one of them was adopted (and loved less than the other two) as revenge for being called "fat".  



Tuuri used to live in the Islands of Saimaa with her brother Onni and her cousin Lalli, before moving to the military base at Keuruu. Her life in Saimaa isn't fully expounded, but she hints at the instability of the island system, and the occasional decimation of a colony by the rash disease. It is unknown whether Tuuri's and/or Lalli's parents perished in one of these episodes, but it may explain her uncharacteristic reticence on the matter (and Onni's fear of the silent world).

Tuuri's introduction

Joining the Expedition[]

Tuuri worked as a mechanic and a skald before deciding to join the expedition at Taru's encouragement. As she was a mechanic, and non-immune to the rash, she did not see much of the world outside of the safe areas, and so she wanted to venture beyond them. Tuuri also roped her cousin, Lalli, into joining the expedition with her. She tried to do the same with her brother but he ended up staying behind.

Crossing the Öresund bridge[]

Tuuri was the one chosen to drive the crew's vehicle. However, the bridge collapsed, and they had no choice but to continue through the Drogden tunnel.


The Crew's first mission was to journey to Kastrup, a suburban area outside of the Copenhagen city ruins. Tuuri waited in the vehicle while the others went outside. Sigrun, Mikkel and Lalli went to explore a building which used to house a library in a community space. Mikkel stood outside to guard and keep Tuuri company.

Sigrun and the others found a lot of books, and they brought some out for Mikkel to take back to the vehicle. Mikkel told Tuuri that she was not allowed to read the books until they had been de-contaminated. Tuuri was not happy at this but resolved to wait, although not for a long time.

Sometime later, the crew inside realized that the building was infected by trolls. Mikkel, stationed outside, realized that it was time to go when he heard an explosion inside the building. He yelled at Tuuri to start the vehicle, just as Sigrun and Emil came out of the building. Lalli reunited with them by crashing through an upstairs window and falling into Mikkel's arms.


After being bitten by a troll that broke into the cat-tank during the battle against Sleipnope's hordes on Fyn, Tuuri continued to ignore the possibility of having been infected, downright ordering Lalli(link to SSSS) not to worry and keep smiling. Shortly after the cat-tank reached Jylland and broke down, however, the characteristic rash Tuuri found on her neck(link to SSSS) made it clear that she wouldn't return home alive and well anymore. She made true her lifelong dream(link to SSSS) of exploring the Silent World for a bit, then committed suicide in nearby waters, supposedly (Word of God(link to SSSS)) the Vejle Fjord.


Tuuri is non-immune to the virus. In addition to Finnish, she can speak Icelandic and Swedish. While Icelandic is a mandatory course for all academics, Tuuri took up Swedish as an extra, because "it was similar to Icelandic" - as Swedish and Icelandic aren't commonly viewed as similar, this hints to Tuuri possibly being very intelligent.

She is a mechanic, though the role of mechanics in the SSSS world is not yet known. Tuuri is one of the more inexperienced members of the team, as she has not seen much of the outside world at all. Her role in the expedition is that of a skald.


Lalli Hotakainen[]

And then you wait for me! Don't go anywhere alone!

–Tuuri to Lalli

Tuuri's younger cousin, Lalli is also one of the six members of the team. Tuuri is shown to be Lalli's guide in society whenever he doesn't know how to behave in a given situation. She has a deep affection for her cousin, but isn't above using harsh methods (such as threatening to leave Lalli alone when he refused to go aboard the Dalahästen or slapping him for staring rudely) with him. She often takes the lead and makes decisions for the two of them, and Lalli doesn't seem to mind.

Onni Hotakainen []

Please come with us!

Onni is Tuuri's older brother. They both obviously care for each other despite their different personalities. When Taru Hollola offered the two of them a place in the expedition, he desperately tried to discourage Tuuri from leaving,  worrying for the safety of his sister (partly due to her not being immune towards the Rash Illness), while Tuuri tried to make him join. Despite their mutual affection, Tuuri ultimately decided to pursue adventure while Onni remained in Keuruu. 

Emil Västerstrom []

Tuuri was at first excited upon the idea of meeting "a tall, handsome Swede". She appeared enthusiastic when introduced to Emil, and doesn't seem to mind his boasting. She told Lalli that she thought Emil was a bit short for a Swede.  


  • Tuuri was the first main character to be given a name, but the second to be introduced (the first being Lalli).
  • Tuuri is a heavy sleeper, but a poke is enough to wake her up.
  • Before setting off on the expedition, Tuuri wore her hair in a ponytail.
  • Tuuri's name means "luck", from the Swedish root "tur". Her brother's name, too, means "luck", from the Finnish "onni"
  • Tuuri's first breathing mask (that she seems to have passed on to Reynir) was originally meant to be opaque and have a kitty face painted on it, but when Minna found that having her mouth covered most of the time stood in the way of giving her recognizable expressions, the mask became a "magical" item that would sometimes show the painting but mostly has Tuuri's actual mouth visible through a transparent plate. The mask that Tuuri uses now (e.g., on arc 1 page 306(link to SSSS)) has an even wider transparent frontplate, and no magical abilities so far.
  • As of today, "Tuuri" is more prevalent as a family name (25+ persons in Finland) than as a male (13) or female (4) given name, and also the name of a village (pop. 500) in Western Finland.
  • The bonus comic in SSSS' volume 1 shows Tuuri buying a cake in a bakery in Mora, using up pretty much her entire savings in the process.
  • Tuuri's middle name strongly reminds Finns of Kaino-Vieno Ankka, the Finnish name of Grandma (Elvira) Duck.

Family Tree[]


Portraits of the non-appearing members of the Hotakainen/Hollola family (plus Veeti and Taru Hollola) from arc 1 page 629(link to SSSS)

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