Stand Still, Stay Silent Wiki

It's aliveeeee! Welcome, everyone, to the wiki for all things about the webcomic Stand Still, Stay Silent.

We have a lovely community following the comic, but for the good of all of us (except the ones who are dead - hands up if you recognize the reference!) I wrote a short list of rules.

1) Keep it clean and professional.  Okay, we don't expect professional. This is a fan wikia, but let's try our best to make it rival Wikipedia nevertheless, hm? Plus, common rules. No trolling, spamming, vandalizing, etcetera. The main characters taught us how to fight trolls and the like, and we shall use that knowledge! 

2) Avoid voicing personal opinions in the articles. Theories and the such can be discussed in the SSSS comments and forum much better. This is for what we already know. If nearly all the fanbase has the same theory but it hasn't been confirmed officially, you may put it in the 'trivia' section of an article, by specifying that it's only a theory. Only if it's a very, very common theory, though. We love to discuss the comic, but do it in the comments or the forum. 

3) Be respectful towards your fellow users. Do it, okay? We have people of many nationalities and most probably different beliefs in our community. Discuss all you want, but do so in a manner that reminds us all of civilization. 

4) Don't do anything that could spell legal trouble. By that, I mean don't attempt to sell anything, especially regarding the comic, and no infringing copyright. If you're unsure of what would infringe copyright, ask Minna herself, she won't eat you.

5) Have a problem? Broke something? Not sure if what you wrote is okay? Saw a scary troll and you want to scream like Emil? Contact an admin! Me or Solovei will be happy to help you. 

6) The comment section is for comments, not chit-chatting. We chit-chat much better in the SSSS comments or the forum, I wouldn't want to steal chit-chatting fun from those!

7) Lastly but not leastly, have fun! This wikia is for storing precious information, but it's also supposed to be fun!